Attendees at the ‘Bridging Beliefs – The Forums Project’

“Faith Matters have come up with a project that has not been devised in the UK before and on such a national basis. To take Sikhs and Muslims from across the UK to Corrymeela in Northern Ireland for conflict resolution work is bold, innovative and says a lot about the vision of cohesion that Faith Matters is based upon.”

“Stimulating and thought provoking speakers.”

“Excellent and much needed.”

“Although I was not sure what I was looking to achieve from attending the forum, it was a privilege to hear two very humane, human beings expand on the after effects of genocide as well as its causes. The Forums are capable of opening paths to understanding and thereby to tolerance.”

“Very moving and emotional. Wonderful and inspiring speakers. Well organised and meaningful. By attending the forums I got to understand and examine the similarities between the Bosnian Muslim and Jewish experiences within Europe.”

“It was fascinating to hear the accounts of the speakers, but I sense that the problems faced (in terms of genocide repeating itself), are still present.”

“The Forums represent a platform on which 2 faith communities can start to build empathy and mutual understanding of one another and their historical narratives through what are cataclysmic events. They can also help to inform the wider population of what took place and how it affects these groups today.”

“Faith Matters and the Bridging Beliefs Forums have informed me of issues affecting Muslim communities in the UK. In particular, to look at the similarities of experiences vis-à-vis Auschwitz and Srebrenica is ingenious, even though direct comparisons were not made. Faith Matters has been pushing on this programme for 5 years now and the message is being heard.”