Rehman Anwer

Rehman successfully obtained an MA in Business Management in addition to an MA in Human Rights from Kingston University, London.

Rehman works as a Project Manager for Faith Matters UK and is focused on the organisation’s Pakistan chapter. He is actively engaged in managing the operations of a wide range of interfaith, countering extremism and developmental projects in Pakistan. His work had led him to travel extensively within Pakistan and he has held various interfaith dialogue and cultural events. He has successfully carried out a number of counter-extremism campaigns in Pakistan and has managed to encourage the youth in the country to participate in those campaigns in order to raise their voices against discrimination and extremism. This work has enabled him to develop strong links with prominent members of civil society; including human rights activists, journalists, Islamabad-based diplomats, politicians and Government officials.

Rehman has been involved in the organization’s national anti-Muslim hate crime project in Britain, Tell-MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attack) since the inception of the project in 2012. His prime responsibilities are to engage with the communities nationally and to raise awareness on the issue concerning anti-Muslim hate crime and the available reporting and support mechanisms. He has been working closely with the police, local authorities and the partner support service providers like Victim Support to help the victims of anti-Muslim hatred and to encourage the community members to report in the hate crime incidents. He regularly participates in various hate crime scrutiny panels and conferences across the country and feeds in the findings of the project.

Before joining Faith Matters, Rehman worked for the Citizens Advice Bureau on their campaign for Equality and Diversity. He carried out extensive research on this project and attended various conferences across the UK. He has also been actively involved in a number of voluntary assignments for different NGOs including Oxfam UK.