March 15, 2017 Faith Matters

Can you assist the Angel of Mostar, Sally Becker, to Assist Refugee Children in Iraq?

Road to Peace Registered Charity Number 1165299

MOSUL EMERGENCY RESPONSE Children are being killed or seriously injured as Iraqi forces battle Islamic State militants in heavily populated areas of Mosul. But the battle to retake the city — where 750,000 people still live — is far from over, and the heaviest fighting may still be ahead.

Many children are caught in the crossfire, injured by shrapnel from mortars or or crushed beneath the rubble of their homes.

Last week nine year old Hanan was seriously injured when her home was hit by a rocket propelled grenade. She has shrapnel embedded in her neck which has caused partial paralysis and she is in urgent need of intensive care. The hospital in Erbil has no beds available so we are trying to raise funds to send her to a private hospital which will cost between-£300-£500 per day.

We have teamed up with medics from the Heraion Foundation to help sick and injured children in Mosul but we need an armoured vehicle in order to reach those who are trapped. The cost of running this mission for three months will be around £150,000 but £15,000 would enable us to start right now.

Sally Becker, Director Road to Peace