Petition Calling For Action on Controversial Polish Historian Gaining Ground

A petition calling on a Polish ‘book fair’ to remove a controversial historian with links to the extreme-right has gained hundreds of signatures from Poles in Britain.

The petition, created by Ewa Matusiak, argues: “We, the Polish immigrants, would kindly ask the Mayor to stop upcoming Hate Preachers’ conference, called misleadingly ‘Family Book Fair’.”

The event is scheduled to take place in Manchester on June 16th.

The petition further argues that it is important to stop ‘extremists’ like Leszek Zebrowski from speaking.

Faith Matters has previously revealed how Mr Zebrowski had posed with the flag of the neo-fascist group The Radical Camp (ONR) when on a speaking tour in Ireland.

Other Polish groups based in the UK have criticised the event.

The petition is still gaining traction and has now gained almost 600 signatures.

Faith Matters will pass the petition and our concerns to Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester.

We are encouraged by the continued efforts of Poles in Britain and elsewhere who continue to speak out against extremism, racism, and hatred in their community, and helping to expose and marginalise those who seek to alloy themselves in the mainstream of Polish communal life in Britain.