Islamist Extremist Group Targets British Muslims of Pakistani Heritage for Support

There is a violent Islamist extremist group called Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan (TLP), which we have highlighted on many occasions. Here are just a few examples of their support for the murderers of innocent people they regard as ‘blasphemers’. (See here and here).

We have highlighted many times, the fact that TLP is trying to target British Muslims of Pakistani heritage. Their aim is to gather human resources and donations from the British Pakistani community and which will then be sent back to Pakistan. The issue with this, is that anyone donating to this group, will be donating to a violent Islamist extremist group. Whilst it is registered as a ‘political party’ in Pakistan, its core aim is to ‘defend Islam’ through force, violence and the message that ‘blasphemers’ will be killed.

We will be getting in touch with Twitter to shut the following U.K. focussed Twitter account down. Below we list an example of the vile beliefs that they support.

Tanveer Ahmed was involved in brutally murdering shopkeeper Asad Shah in Glasgow. The force of the attack was so severe that the Asad Shah suffered numerous cuts and stabbings to his body. The only reason for this was that he had ‘blasphemed’ in the eyes of Ahmed.

Sentencing Ahmed in August 2016, Judge Lady Rae said he had committed a “brutal, barbaric and horrific crime”.