October 7, 2010 Faith Matters


Iman is the Outreach Manager for Faith Matters and had been the Deputy Director for Faith Matters from June 2012 to May 2013 on a voluntary basis. Her functions were to manage the Human Resources of Faith Matters and to ensure the well-being of staff. She has volunteered for Faith Matters for over 3 years and supported the organisation through her time, effort and skills over these many years. She conducts outreach activities for Faith Matters on an international basis.

For over 10 years, Iman has built bridges between European and Middle Eastern communities through medical, community and charitable organisations in the Middle East. She has worked on areas that have included identity and human rights across the Middle East.

Iman has been working with numerous interfaith projects within the region and has also travelled extensively to give lectures and deliver workshops to interfaith groups in countries such as Taiwan, the United Kingdom and The Netherlands. Iman has been instrumental in the development of youth and women programmes with Faith Matters nationally and internationally. These programmes will focus on issues such as human rights, citizenship, community cohesion and conflict resolution.