Donate to Faith-Matters

Donate to Faith Matters

Donate to Faith Matters and Make a Real Difference to Building Bridges of Understanding Between Communities in the UK and in Reducing Hatred, Intolerance and Extremism

We are a not for profit organisation that works with communities in ensuring that stereotypes about ‘others’ are challenged, whilst ensuring that we also tackle issues around extremism and hate crimes which challenge multiple communities today. 

Our work can ensure peaceful communities and the development of mutual respect which we are all entitled to. That is a basic human right. We all deserve to have dignity and to live in peace, whether we are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist or of no faith.

This work is sometimes complex and difficult and real investment in terms of resources are required to ensure that positive social change and mutual respect are built up. Some programmes range from a few months to years. As you will understand, real positive social change take time to embed in.

We can only continue with this work through your support and assistance and if you believe what we believe – that we all deserve to live in peace, dignity and with respect for others, why don’t you consider donating to our work? Donations to Faith Matters can be made through Paypal and through the associated ‘Donate’ tab below.

With your support, we can strive to achieve the ideals that add value to all of our lives. Every pound that you will donate will be used in our social projects which are based on promoting interfaith work, community cohesion, preventing extremism and conflict resolution between faith communities in the United Kingdom.



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