July 2, 2019 Faith Matters

Youth Engagement

We believe that young people have a vital role to play in tackling racism, hatred, and extremism. We aim to facilitate and build a safe space to give young people the confidence to express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings and celebrate their identities. We also support young people in engaging in social activism to make a positive change within their communities both on a local level and a global level.

Therefore, Faith Matters  Youth Engagement Programme develops alternative platforms for young people, where we provide a space where young people can express their thoughts in a non-judgemental environment where the value of each person is recognised, and where young people can develop new skills to enhance their critical thinking skills, media literacy and civic engagement.

Our Youth Engagement Programme uses alternative educational tools such as arts and other interactive education methods to help young people of all faiths and non-faith counter and challenge all types of hate crime, racism, bigotry, and xenophobia. We also provide tailor-made support for young people to advance and nurture their emotional, analytical, and creative energies

Young people are key agents in bringing communities together, in advocating for equalities for all and in challenging racism and bigotry. They are the ‘Change Makers’ that will craete a batter furture for all of us.



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