March 5, 2010 Faith Matters

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Donate to Faith Matters and make a real difference in building bridges of understanding between communities in the UK and around the world, and in reducing hatred, intolerance and extremism.

We are a trusted not-for-profit organisation that for over twelve years has worked to build resilience, facilitate cohesion, and tackle extremism within diverse faith and other communities in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. 

We focus on interfaith work, community cohesion, preventing extremism, and enabling conflict resolution. Through our research and publications, such as into the far-right and mental health drivers of extremism, Faith Matters lobbies for appropriate policy change. 

Our ethos is to stand up for the rights of all those who are marginalised in society for whatever reason, be that religious, political, social, racial or sexual. We collaborate with central government departments, local authorities, police forces and civil society groups, representing all faiths and none. 

Specifically, we believe that the false narratives of Daesh-inspired extremism need to be tackled head on, including their underpinning rhetoric and discourses. Acknowledging the consequences of these, we also seek to rehabilitate and reintegrate offenders

Faith Matters also works to ensure that stereotypes about ‘others’ are challenged, which includes tackling hate crime, a challenge for many communities today. Our projects include the UK’s leading anti-Muslim hatred monitoring and reporting service, Tell MAMA, whose work has led to over 1,000 arrests, and the assistance of 15,000 people and the annual, national No2H8 Crime Awards, which honour those individuals and organisations who tirelessly stand up against hatred, prejudice and intolerance. This year our partners include the Community Security TrustGALOPStonewall and the ‘No to Hate Crime’ campaign.

Our work safeguards peaceful communities and encourages mutual respect but can of course be complex and difficult. Our programmes range from a few months to several years in length; real positive change takes time to percolate. Investment is required in order for positive social change, over time, to be built up. We can only continue this important work through your vital support and assistance.

Faith Matters believes that all people of faith, or none, should be able to go about their lives with dignity, in peace, undergirded by mutual respect. If you share our vision, would you consider donating? Every pound you give will go towards promoting dialogue in society, and the integration of all people into both their respective communities and wider society. 

With your support, we can transform the ideals that we all share into a lived reality.



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