January 23, 2020 Faith Matters

Extinction Rebellion is Not an Extremist Group Says Minister

Home Office minister Brandon Lewis has said that Extinction Rebellion is “in no way considered an extremist group” after it was listed as a terrorist threat by police.

Mr Lewis said: “We are clear that the right to peaceful protest is a cornerstone of our just society and an indispensable channel of political and social expression.”

He added: “The police have recalled the guidance and are reviewing it, and I want to reiterate that Extinction Rebellion is in no way considered an extremist group under the 2015 definition of extremism and the Home Secretary has been clear on this point.

“The police have also made clear that they regret any offence caused by using the Ukrainian Tryzub symbol in their internal education document. That document was being used to help frontline officers and staff recognise and understand the wide range of signs and symbols they may come across whilst on duty.

“As the police have said it explicitly states that many of the symbols are not of counter-terrorism interest. Unfortunately far-right groups do have a history of misappropriating national symbols as part of their identity.”

Mr Lewis also said that the Government “sincerely regret any offence caused to the Ukrainian nation or its people”.