December 23, 2015 Tell Mama

Extremist Far Right Group Britain First State ‘London is Finished as a British City’

Just when you thought that they could not top their bizarre rhetoric any more, along comes the following comment which Britain First’s Paul Golding circulated today in an electronic flyer. It seems that being ‘patriots’ does not stop them abusing the capital city of our nation – so much for their deeply held pride in our country? It seems to extend to when it suits them and yet, like true National Socialists, they turn against our nation when they want to promote the politics of fear and division.

The electronic flyer, another in a monotonous campaign to obtain donations from members of the public, are becoming more and more bizarre and desperate. Could Britain First be having real problems raising funds for their ‘campaigns’ which usually consist of turning up at town centres, parading around for a few hours and getting back onto coaches to warm up their cramped calves and the chilblains on their feet?

The flyer then goes onto state that a:

“…..conquest by the cradle is engulfing our country,”

It seems that Britain First believe that we are in serious risk of being taken over by toddlers and if that was not bizarre enough, they go onto suggest that:

“…native British people now make up only 75% of the total population.”

Well there you have it, off comes the veneer of attempted respectability and back comes the politics of race driven by this fascist group. Apart from fixating on ‘wombs’, ‘cradles’ and ‘native British people’, Britain First is not far forward in its political evolution from the banality of race politics and the amoeboid simplicity of its arguments.

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