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Far Right Britain First, Rails Against South Yorkshire Police

This correspondence was sent into us and highlights the inflammatory nature and tone of e-mails sent out by Britain First.

The text below raises the temperature with a threat to march to Rotherham town centre. This coming after communities in Rotherham are trying to get to grips with the grooming scandals, ongoing investigations and the recent murder of a Yemeni Muslim male who was walking to Fajr prayers in the morning.

Text from Britain First to Newsletter Subscribers

“Recently, South Yorkshire Police banned Britain First from Rotherham town centre on our march next Saturday, the 5th of September.

We announced a new route in line with police wishes.

However, since then there have been two separate developments:

Firstly, despite Britain First not being allowed into the town centre to avoid disrupting trade and shopping, the openly violent leftwing vigilante group, the UAF, who regularly burn British flags, will be allowed to counter-protest in the town centre!

The new police strategy of sabotage is clear: Banish Britain First to the outskirts of town and allow the opposition to meet the public in the town centre.

Secondly, the South Yorkshire Police liaison unit have confirmed that the threatened Section 12 is not going to be served on Britain First until the actual day of the march.

What would happen then is that Britain First will have changed its plans in a massive way, then the accompanying legislation and paperwork would fail to materialise.

In other words, we would have been tricked into staying away from the town centre.

On both these accounts, we have scrapped the route the police wanted us to take and we will be going to the town centre.

Britain First will not allow itself to be bullied and sabotaged by Britain’s increasingly political police forces.

Please watch this important video update from Britain First leader Paul Golding.”

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