February 12, 2018 Faith Matters

Imam Muhammad Yasir Ayub Also Goes Into Anti-Shia Rants

Yesterday we highlighted how this imam was involved in posting comments on his Facebook page that inflamed community divisions. A further observation shows how sometimes, hatred towards minorities spreads to anti-Shia hatred. Imam Ayub, who preaches in various mosques has also been highlighting his dislike of Shia Muslims through a series of postings on his Facebook page. These include the following:

Comments from Imam Muhammad Yasir Ayub

The comments include:

“So many hidden evil filthy dirty disgusting Shias within the Ahl us Sunnah Wal Jama’ah, in our masjids…….”

Not to be outdone by these statements he continues to post the following:

“Why do so many Sunnis on Facebook, have so many dirty deviants in their friends list? Go through your friends list once in a while and remove all dirty non-Sunnis”.

Not happy with these comments, he then starts on ‘Western ideology of love’. 


The assumptions that he makes are crude, wide sweeping and play into a ‘them and us’ narrative. That they – ‘westerners’, are somehow crude and that their ‘love’ leads to “vulgarity, crudity and indecency.”

Given these postings, we would hope that mosques review this Imam’s preaching within them. Until he can show that he rejects these messages, there is no way that any mosque should allow such a preacher promoting these views to have access to a congregation.