January 10, 2013 Faith Matters

Interfaith Workshop in Gujranwala – Pakistan

On Sunday, the 6th of January, 2013, Faith Matters organized its third interfaith training workshop as part of their Project Musawaat (Equality) which aims to promote freedom of religion and belief in Pakistan and is focussed on working with Christian and Muslim communities in the Punjab region.

75 participants from 18 grass-roots level youth based organizations in Pakistan participated in this event. Concepts of conflict resolution, interfaith dialogue, citizenship and identity were discussed in the session and participants were asked to explore practical ways that they could enhance and strengthen community engagement in order to promote interfaith harmony in Pakistan.

The following youth organizations and educational institutions participated in the session.

1. Society for Human Advancement and Just Reforms (SHAJR)

2. Ashiana Development Organization

3. Oasis Society of Fine Arts (OSFA)

4. Minhaj-ul-Quran

5. Catholic Youth Ministry Lahore (CYML)

6. Youth Advocacy Network (YAN)

7. Excellence College of Education, Gujranwala

8. Sangat Development Foundation

9. Islamia college of girls, Gujranwala

10. Chishtia High School, Gujranwala

11. Chaoon

12. Sath

13. Active Advocacy Network (AAN)

14. Chanan foundation

15. Al-Fajar

16. Lok Vehar, Faisalabad

17. Speak Up

Bunyad Foundation

Faith Matters is working in areas in Pakistan where Christian communities are densely populated and where tensions have been observed in the past. Such areas include Faisalabad , Gujranwala and Multan in Pakistan.