August 23, 2015 Faith Matters

ISIS Unearth and Desecrate the 1500 year old Mar Elian Monastery in Syria

Posting their pictures on Just Paste it, the Kalashnikov wielding young men of ISIS, look down on the bones of saints that were laid to rest many centuries ago in this monastery in Syria. Pictures from the ‘picture dump’ show bulldozers that were used to break the walls of the monastery and with pictures of unearthed bones at the site at Al-Qaryatain.

Many of the antiques and religious items of deep spiritual significance will probably be sold off and the scale of the destruction has been enormous. Pictures show ISIS belligerents digging up sections of the monastery and a young Kalashnikov wielding individual staring down at what seems to be a grave.

Pictures also show the complete destruction of the old walls of the monastery and gold items that signify Christian iconography. No doubt, these will be sold off to collectors and the money used to carry on with the war against minorities, both non-Muslim and Muslim minorities.

Commenting on this latest act of desecration, the Director of Faith Matters, Fiyaz Mughal, stated:

“These individuals have no respect for anything or anyone. They do not even care to understand that Islamically, Christian and Jewish sites must be protected. What we see here is a barbaric bunch of nihilists who do not even have any guilt when they dig up the bones of individuals regarded to be hold by the Christians of Syria. Any decent human being will feel sickened by their continuing tyranny and destruction in the Middle East.”

ISIS bulldozers

Christian tomb Syria