September 9, 2011 Faith Matters

Mosques in the Community Project

Faith Matters undertook the fieldwork and write up on the ‘Mosques in the Community‘ programme which was conducted on behalf of MINAB (the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board). This report builds good practice and ensures that mosques become not just institutions but living parts of their local communities, thereby ensuring that they play constructive civic roles. There are a number of recommendations made in this report which touch upon (i) Communication and inclusion (ii) Governance (iii) The role of Muslim faith leaders / imams (iv) Operational delivery in mosques (v) Relations with local authorities and (vi) Engaging with civil society organisations. We hope that mosques, mosque executive committees and imams find the recommendations practical and deliverable.

It is really hoped that this report can begin some of the discussions about how such institutions can play greater outreach roles in what will be a difficult economic climate over the next few years. We all have core responsibilities in that journey and in realising that we all have local social responsibilities to each other and for the common good.