September 20, 2019 Faith Matters

Nazi-Obsessed Teenager Who Dreamt of Planning Terrorism Jailed

A Nazi-obsessed Buckinghamshire teenager who said it was his dream to plan a terror attack and vowed to fill London’s streets with blood has been jailed.

Jacek Tchorzewski built up a cache of terrorist manuals and guides for homemade firearms, and had an interest in Satanism and occult practices.

The 18-year-old, of High Wycombe, was caught with a range of documents for planning an attack when his electronics were seized on February 20 this year.

Sentencing him to four years behind bars on Friday Judge Anuja Dhir QC

said: “They (prosecutors) say that the examination of your devices revealed that you are a deeply entrenched neo-Nazi with an interest in Satanism and occult practices.”

The dark-haired, lightly-bearded and bespectacled defendant stood in the dock wearing a shirt and tie as he was jailed.

In June Tchorzewski admitted 10 counts of possession of documents containing information of use to a terrorist.

Ms Dhir said the following month a “chilling” handwritten note found in his prison cell read: “Let’s fill our hearts with terror. And London’s streets with blood.”

Prosecutor Naomi Parsons told the court at the Old Bailey: “He has an obsession, admiration for Nazis, neo-Nazis, far right extremists, far right murderers.”

Among the PDFs found on his hard drive were the FM 5-31 Army Field Manual and Expedient Homemade Firearms Vol II. He also had The Big Book Of Mischief, The Infection Cookbook and The Terrorist’s Handbook, as well as how-to guides for building his own weapons, including a “zip gun” – a firearm made from welded pipes.

Other guides in his possession contained instructions for making a pistol out of sheet metal and a silencer made from a plastic bottle.

The Polish national who had stayed with his mother in the UK had also professed that it was his dream to “plan some terrorism”.

The court heard that he said: “I just wanna…I had this stupid plan, when I would meet up with someone, we would live off grid…and plan some terrorism.

He went on: “We would import guns from Balkans, chemistry from Germany…yeah, that’s my dream.”

The court heard that a forensic psychologist’s report showed Tchorzewski has some autism spectrum disorder traits and “may have an emerging personality disorder”.

He made no reaction when told he was jailed for four years, with a year on extended licence, answering simply “yes” when asked if he understood the sentence.

Jenny Hopkins from the Crown Prosecution Service said: “It is worrying that someone this young chose to become a neo-Nazi and download terrorist how-to guides.

“Let me be clear, possessing terrorist material is a criminal offence and, like Jacek Tchorzewski, people who do so risk going to prison.”