August 31, 2015 Faith Matters

Shiv Sena, the Indian Far Right Nationalist Party Pays to Increase Demographics

The nationalist Hindu far right movement, the Shiv Sena, announced in Uttar Pradesh on Saturday that it would give 2 lakh rupees to each Hindu family that has 5 children or more. This is equivalent to about £2,000 per family.

The reason behind this policy drive was according to them, the rising Muslim population in the country which they said was reflected in the latest country census. Never mind the overpopulation of India, the far right Hindu nationalist party wants to spark a baby boom because of another faith which has been part and parcel of the country’s heritage for hundreds of years.

The sweetener from Shiv Sena will be claimable by families who had 5 or more children between 2005 and 2015 and possibly highlights the growing economic and political power of this Hindu nationalist group.

Sadly, demographics and references to minority populations seem to be intertwined in language by Hindu nationalist groups and the latest statements will no doubt make India’s minorities feel ill at ease when they once again become the spotlight of policies which such groups introduce.