April 20, 2010 Faith Matters

Supporting Chaplaincy Within Public Institutions: Perspectives from Muslim Chaplains

DCLG commissioned Faith Matters to promote and show good practice within different professional sectors that were employing Muslim chaplains. A generic guideline on standards for the recruitment of Muslim chaplains was produced for those sectors and institutions which may require such a resource.

The guidelines could not be more prescient than it is now. Chaplaincy development with Muslim chaplains is developing and guidelines on good practice can only support chaplaincy development. Some sectors in the UK are well developed in the provision of Muslim chaplaincy whilst others are not so well developed and the guidelines, it is hoped, will also promote existing best practice.

It should also be noted that chaplains are key workers in institutions like schools, further education colleges, prisons, hospitals and in the courts service. They are a resource and first point of contact for many vulnerable people and are therefore essential individuals providing pastoral care to such people.