August 21, 2015 Tell Mama

Twitter’s Abysmal Record Demonstrated Here

Earlier today we highlighted the sad death of Mushin Ahmed, a senior citizen, who passed away from his injuries after going to the mosque for Fajr prayers. Clearly a devout man, who would have thought his family would now be mourning his death.

We received the following tweet, shown above, from an account that stated,

One less Muslim.”

This is the appalling, stomach churning response we have received from Twitter, the profit making social media company whose actions on tackling anti-Muslim hate leave a lot to be desired. At the heart of this response lies the problem. This response seems to show some automation or a severe lack of common sense by the individual working on this complaint. This is another epic Twitter fail!

Twitter’s response to the hate speech:


Thank you for your report. Twitter takes reports of this nature very seriously.

We reviewed the content and determined that it was not in violation of the Twitter Rules ( We are happy to revisit this decision if you are able to provide further evidence of a violation. Please respond to this email with direct links to the content in question.

We understand you might come across content on Twitter that you find offensive. Twitter users are free to post content (even if potentially inflammatory) provided that they don’t violate the Terms of Service ( or the Twitter Rules ( If you would like more information on how to control your Twitter experience, see this help article:

If you feel threatened or are in danger, please contact your local law enforcement. You can direct the local law enforcement to our Guidelines for Law Enforcement here:

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